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"This past August we had the Mighty Dreadful String Band play at the Bannock County Bluegrass Festival. The band put on a wonderful show and was very well received by the audience. Their musicianship, singing and harmonies were superb. We would not hesitate to hire this band back again for the BCBF and I am hoping they apply to play at the 2018 Darrington Festival. If you hire The Mighty Dreadful String Band you will be amazed and

so glad you did."

- Diana Morgan

Promoter for the Bannock County Bluegrass Festival in Pocatello, ID and    Darrington Bluegrass Festival in Darrington, WA


"To be perfectly honest, it was their name that got me interested. I love self-deprecating humor. And, it’s all the better when a band who calls themselves “dreadful” is anything but. Coming all the way to us from Seattle, Washington, The Mighty Dreadful brings Kelly Erb on fiddle and vocals; Clayton Kaiser on mandolin, guitar, and vocals; Nick McClean on guitar and vocals; and Andrew Lowe on bull fiddle. I want to see a bull fiddle, I’ll tell you right now. Refreshing vocal melodies and instrument work. My parents loved this kind of music and they would have approved of The Mighty Dreadful – they sound authentic and real old timey; not some ginned up type of grass. Which is fine! Don’t get me wrong. But personally, I found this band to be especially genuine. They play reworked oldies and quality originals. Oh yeah! This show is in a whiskey bar. How danged appropriate is that? Free. Union Barrel."

 - Julie Eaton  Salem Weekly News


"More than their foot-tapping, fiddle-tastic music, it’s the self-deprecating, dry humor, that makes this band stand out. You’ll see in their live performances that the group isn’t as interested in being famous, but rather making good music with friends who give you the finger when it’s appropriate..." - Leah Abraham

Renton Reporter

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